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Translucia invests $100m to launch Metaverse R&D Center with Australia’s Two Bulls

Translucia Global Innovation, a subsidiary of T&B Media Global (Thailand), is moving ahead with the Translucia metaverse. After brainstorming with leading global partners in April, it has now announced the launch of the Metaverse R&D Center in Melbourne with an initial budget of US$100 million to research new technologies to connect the real and virtual worlds harmoniously.

Dr Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global and Translucia, said that the Metaverse R&D Center under Translucia Global Innovation is one of the world’s few specialised research centres, recognised by the Australian government for helping Two Bulls, a leading specialist in gamification design, innovative education and entertainment technology, which will help develop this hub to become one of the world’s largest metaverse research centres.

Establishing such a research hub is another milestone in T&B’s metaverse project. The “Metaverse Unlimited” global forum at the end of last year attracted great interest from experts, academics, and developers. The company partnered with leading specialist companies including Two Bulls in March.

Dr Jwanwat continued: “Translucia is delighted to found the Metaverse R&D Center to develop the Translucia metaverse and gather the world’s top experts in metaverse development. The experience and expertise of our partners are vital to bringing dreams to life. We want Translucia to be more than a virtual world that everyone knows. It will be a world of happiness and smiles, where everyone can live, work and enjoy business, socialising, and entertainment in new ways, moving seamlessly between the real and virtual realms.”

James Kane, CEO of Two Bulls, said the Metaverse R&D Center is a unique Thai-Australian collaboration for a new type of pioneering metaverse initiative.

“Working with Translucia has created many opportunities. I think the Metaverse R&D Center will be a great way to attract metaverse visionaries, helping Translucia fulfill its incredible vision and benefiting the world, introducing people to the concepts of the Translucia metaverse with its fresh perspective, unlike any other metaverse we have seen.”

Two Bulls is a key partner that will play a vital role in developing and managing the Metaverse R&D Center, gathering data and studying metaverse user behaviour to delight Translucia visitors.

Pellar Technology is another core partner, bringing blockchain technology to support the cryptocurrencies, digital assets and entire economic activities in Translucia and the real world.

Translucia’s first partner is MQDC, a leading real estate developer, which is developing the MQDC metaverse within the Translucia universe. MQDC announced a partnership in early April with Accenture, an expert in metaverse business development and strategy. Accenture will work closely with MQDC’s team to develop a unique and feature-rich metaverse that transcends virtual real estate.

The establishment of the research centre received congratulations from government organisations in both countries. The Australian government has described Translucia R&D cooperation as a great opportunity for business ties between Australia and Thailand to grow through jointly developing the cutting edge metaverse technology for sustainability and wellbeing.

The Australian government describes Two Bulls as a leader in technology development and innovation recognised by the government for research into virtual worlds and enhancing wellbeing.

Two Bulls has won many awards and has been recognised by the Australian government for its work with brands around the world including Sesame Street, Smart City, and Verizon, as well as product launches with Apple.

Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) has congratulated Dr Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp and Translucia metaverse on establishing the research centre. DEPA is ready to support and encourage startups, developers, and entrepreneurs in Thailand to help develop applications and services for Translucia.

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