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Translucia & Well-Link Forge Metaverse Partnership: Digital Renaissance Unleashed

Translucia signs strategic infrastructure partnership with Well-Link, embarking on a virtual world journey

Translucia, the force behind a growing digital renaissance and builder of the virtual world engine built for creating positive change, unveils their groundbreaking partnership with the pioneer and leader in Graphics-as-a-Service and metaverse solutions provider, Well-Link Tech. In this historic fusion of creativity, ingenuity and innovation, Translucia's dynamic virtual engine meets the technological prowess of Well-Link, marking a new era for interconnected Web3-based virtual worlds.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Group, stated, "Translucia is committed to creating a friendly and immersive platform for global users to come together, find opportunities, and interact. We select our partners with careful consideration ensuring that they possess a positive vision, have deep vertical knowledge, intelligence and and curiosity, possess strong execution capabilities, and more importantly, share our values in creating an impactful legacy in the world. Well-Link embodies these qualities, and we are excited to join hands with them. This partnership will strengthen the capabilities and offerings of Translucia, bringing it a step closer to launching a highly anticipated virtual world engine on the global stage.”

Translucia goes beyond just a revolutionary technological platform, it is a multiplier of positive change. Rooted in its unwavering philosophy to generate happiness through acts of goodness, Translucia seamlessly merges reality with virtuality to create immersive experiences that help to wellness and prosperity for its users. The ambitious goal to create a virtual world engine with global interoperability has already aligned Translucia with a collective of Web3 titans and inking groundbreaking partnerships with the likes of Animoca Brands and The Sandbox. Translucia’s commitment to the development of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) has led them to engage with the MIT Media Lab for their capabilities.

Mr. Matt Guo, Well-Link Founder and Chairman, said, “Well-Link has been committed to using advanced technology to build the metaverse since its inception, and it firmly believes that only by joining hands with the best global ecological partners can this goal be truly achieved. Well-Link is very pleased to see Translucia's leading progress in the metaverse, and the idea of creating happiness through good deeds has made us feel like we have found like-minded partners. Establishing a strategic partnership with T&B will be an important milestone in the development of Well-Link. We are very excited to join Project Translucia and hope to soon build a beautiful virtual world.”



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