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Xiao Zhan shone in the top search and popped up on Twitter feeds!

The ultimate success for Soul Land, which was just released in the first episode. The series made the Xiao Zhan trends so hot, that #XiaoZhan shone in the top search and popped up on Twitter feeds withthe hashtags #OpenCH7WatchSoulLand #7HDxSoulLand #7HDxXiaoZhan and #XiaoZhanxNARS.

After T&B Media Global Thailand made fans of Chinese series be pleased by bringing the famous seriesabout Chinese gods to be shown on Channel 7HD It started broadcasting on Sunday, February 20, for the first time. As a result, Xiao Zhan fans woke up early to waiting to watch along with the hashtag #XiaoZhan with fully passion in the joy of Soul Land and causing the trends on social media. T&B Media is even glad that the audience of the series has received a better response than expected.

The story of Tang San a young warrior as a disciple outside the Tang bureau that no one accepted him.

He stole the Tang bureau's secret scroll and trained until he had completed the advanced martial arts but the jealous teachers gave him no choice. Tang San decided to jump off a cliff to die atone for his crimes but his soul had slipped out of his body to a different world.

In the new world, everyone had their own spirit and Tang San was trapped in the spirit body call as “Silver Sky Grass” with is a spirit in the lower class that is useless and is shunned by everyone.

Tang San had the same memories from the old world but he will be able to use this with the honor of the bureau and martial arts learned from the secret scroll to overcome obstacles successfully or not?

Soul Land is a mystery fantasy series, fighting and adventure with both fun and beautiful action scenes with nice pictures. Also, the gentle and warm feeling that Tang San and Xiao Wu gave to each other. Including the friendship between the friends of the seven small monsters who have sacrifices and are ready to go through together. It can be said that, it is a series that has all the feelings in one story. So, we guarantee that if you watch it, you won't want to miss even a single episode.

Rabbit Zhan's fans should not miss this series at all! You can watch and follow Soul Land every Saturday and Sunday at 09.10 A.M. on Channel 7HD or watch live press Channel 35.



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